Power Transmission Lines

Power Transmission Services
We execute mega projects involving power transmission services. Our process includes :
  • Site Survey : The site survey includes detailed line survey, route maps, spotting of towers and marking of locations, measurement of distance between towers, longitudinal profiles, etc.
  • Soil Investigation : We investigate the soil as an essential part of project executions. The process includes mobilization & shifting of all equipment, taking samples, standard penetration tests, laboratory tests, preparation of geo-technical reports, delivery of samples & reports, etc
  • Access Roads : We work on road access as well. Tree cutting is also taken care by us as per government regulations for transportation of materials and equipment at tower locations..
  • Foundations : Foundations are designed by us based of soil properties, form work, concreting, reinforcement, corrosion protection, earthing, foundation testing, etc.
  • Tower Design : Design development for various types of towers is done by us. Preparation of sag tension charts, tower loadings, analysis & designing and optimization of weights and other aspects to also done.
  • Tower Testing : We conduct Full load / Destruction testing of all types of towers.
  • Tower Manufacturing : We fabricate and hot dip galvanize different types of towers.
  • Mobilization of Manpower & Equipment : Our execution also includes Mobilization of Manpower & Equipment, so the site as required. We are capable of mobilizing excavators, rock drilling machines, rollers, pilot wires, vehicles, walkie–talkie sets, tower erection tools, mobile cranes, tension stringing equipment, sub-station, etc.
  • Testing and Commissioning : The successful completion of a project is marked by efficient Testing, Commissioning and Handing over. We Test & Commission transmission lines which include pre-commissioning checks, tests and charging of the line.

GLOTEC possess the technical and project execution skills to undertake a wide range of EPC projects of large complexities and magnitude.

The constant pursuit of leading-edge technologies remains a core component of our strategic plan. Our expanding technology portfolio features value-added, groundbreaking solutions for clients in every facet of our business. EPC assignments are executed using state-of-the-art design tools and project management techniques. The company utilizes latest software tools for design, planning and project management.
 GLOTEC also leverages its EPC skills and experiences to support company owned investment projects on BOT, BOOT models.



GLOTEC has advanced engineering and design capabilities to meet our clients’ project needs across India and Middle East.